Ron Houchins is a miracle worker. He discovered all the non sense stuff in my credit card collection brief and responded to it very effectively. He needs to be used as a valuable asset to help people and the distance doesn't matter. Ron's number is 706-416-8333.

Sincerely, Lou DiTrinco 

Ron, thank you for cleaning up my settlement letter I am very impressed with the letter you wrote. I will send a carbon copy to the FDIC also since they seem to have the most to lose by continuing this action. Thank You, Bob Hall

I wanted to blog this for all to see. A year ago I was losing my home to foreclosure proceedings. My husband had a heart attack and we could not pay our bills and lost our jobs. I came across Ron Houchins through livinglies.wordpress.com, got his information and called him. He not only defended my foreclosure, but I was able to keep my home and went without making payments for over a year until I got my loan modification. After that he did my chapter 7 bankruptcy and I know I saved a $1,000. He's the best. Ron I can't thank you enough.

God Speed, Emily Harrison

I am very appreciative of Ron Houchins help in filing my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Even the clerk of the bankruptcy court commented on how well all the papers had been prepared and if more people brought in this kind of work it would make their life easier. Everything went smoothly and I knew what to expect. I know that I saved at least $1000.00 or more in attorneys fees by using the MRH Paralegals, LLC.  Ron you are the best. 

Take care, Tony Gonzalez